Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update again!

I tried to put pics up but my computer won't let me :( Anyways Josh and I are doing great! Since our last post was from October I will update you since then. Josh and I sort of got to spend Thanksgiving together, however we were both at work so in a since we spent it together even though i never saw him. But Christmas was great we both had Christmas Eve and Day off so we spent both together. We bought a Wii and some games for a group gift together and have really enjoyed playin that, I think him more than me since it's at his house... anyways it was great.

For New Years we went on a hike in the morning with a few of his friends and then we put on a very small party with another couple who we are good friends with. I made lots of yummy food and we just hung out and played Wii of course. It was a ton of fun.

After New Years, Josh's sister got married in Costa Rica and had her reception at the place we will be having ours. It was alot of fun as well with alot of good food.

The last great adventure on my winter break from school was my 21st bday. Josh took me to Vegas and we had an amazing time. We went to dinner at this incredible place, saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian and then went to the XS which is a club at the Encore. He is so awesome and I love him so much!!!!

Our wedding is getting closer and closer and we are so excited, it's less than 4 months away WOOHOO!!!!

I'm back in school again but once i'm done i'll have 2 weeks till the wedding so thats what is keepin my head up! Over the break josh got a new EMT position with AMR so they have better benefits to us and it is higher paying as well so it was a great transition for him and I am so happy for him.

That's about it for our updates and i'll try and stay more on top of it and get some more pictures up once my computer stops acting up! Love you all

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A little update!

So I have no pictures for this one because I haven't seen Josh for so long and not long enough to take pictures, so this is what we have been up to since his birthday. We went to the river in the end of August and I took no pictures haha of course, his mom did though so we have lots on her camera. We both were working like crazy and then I started Nursing School. It has overwhelmed my life that my life consists of Eating, Studying, and Sleeping. Oh and working. I go to school Monday through Thursday which involves clinicals and then i work Friday Saturday and Sunday. My sanity time is at the gym and is the only time I get to see Josh if he goes with me, which he is usually working. He works almost everyday out of the week and just working as much as possible to rack up enough hours to be able to apply to medic school. We are getting married in 9 MONTHS... oh my goodness we never thought this day would come where it was months away instead of years and months haha but it is here and yes i am planning a wedding going to nursing school and working. i'm pretty much going insane haha but we manage. We are looking forward to the winter break when we can spend a little bit more time together. Hope all is well with everyone. LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Josh is 22!!!!

Yesterday josh turned 22 :) He had to work a 24 on his birthday however so his parents and i went and visited him at the station and brought brownies and ice cream for a birthday treat. I didn't get any pictures sadly because we were only allowed to stay for a few minutes to shove down the food. However it was lots of fun to see him on his birthday and we are going to the beach on saturday to celebrate it for real! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July!!!

Our 4th was a little different this year. Josh worked the night before so he was sleeping all day and i was working a booth for my work in helping to make smoothies for the El roble cheerleaders fundraiser, it was crazy. I worked that from 7am-5pm, so I missed out on the festivities at the park and the parade :( however we had a really fun night together. We went down to his grandparents house in West Covina, where fireworks are legal, and we lit a few ourselves but mainly watched what their neighbors were lighting because they had some AWESOME ones. At the end of the show we asked them how much they spent on them and they said over 1,000 dollars, if that tells you anything about how the show was :) We had a blast, ate great food and icecream and it turned out to be really fun!!!

Lake Tahoe!!!

Our dinner cruise boat! We went on a tour of
the Lake and then we ate dinner and on the way
back to the port there was dancing and it was so
much FUN!!!!

Joshy and me at the Lake, it was so cold in the water

Yay in less than a year josh and i will be standing
under one of these for REAL :)

the beautiful lake

Josh and I in Heavenly and the line behind us
going up the mountain is the gondola ride
we took up there to see the top with the view of the lake

the sweet stump we found at the end
of our hike!!!

I guess lightning struck this tree and it's all
burnt on the inside, so we found it to be
a Kodak moment :)

the beautiful waterfall that we came across
josh convinced me to hike down there
and it was well worth it, it was so awesome

the gorgeous lake in the background
on a wonderful hiking day!!!!

We were waiting for everyone to catch up so
we found it a good time to take some pictures :)

Our family vacation this year with my family was to Lake Tahoe and it was so much fun! We did alot of awesome things! I put only a few pictures up but you can check out my facebook because i uploaded them all. We had a really great time and Josh and I are hopefully going on another vacation with his family to the river so we'll have pictures from that later on too. Josh and I are doin great, we are excited because we'll be married in less than a year WOOHOO!!! I'll be starting my Nursing School at Citrus in the fall and Josh will continue to work at Priority One. He had an accident while installing his radio and sliced both of his fingers and had to go and get six stitches unfourtunately I have no pictures, I'm terrible at the camera thing, because my camera is really ghetto and his broke in lake Tahoe, so we're working on replacing that one haha! Hope all is well for everyone else Love Ya!!!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yet another update!!!

Well we are wrapping up our semester at school. The last few weeks we have had some exciting news however. Josh got offered a job as an EMT at a company called Priority One, so he has to do a couple classes online and then he has the job, he'll be working 2 12 hour shifts and one 24 hour so he only works three days a week, SWEET!!! Which equals out to about 10 or so days a month, AWESOME!!! He'll keep his job at Smart and Final to do on the days off and that is his exciting news :) Now for mine, I finally got accepted into nursing school WOOH!!! I'm attending Citrus College Nursing School in the fall and I am totally excited about it :) It's two years but I have summers and winters off so that will be nice. I am almost done with my EMT schooling and i am hoping to work at medic one. It's a transferring company so no 911 calls but it'll be easy while I go to school because they are very flexible. Coming up at the end of June my family has a vacation planned to Lake tahoe which is gonna be great to finally get away for a week with my joshy too :) Hopefully we'll get some pictures up here soon with summer coming. Love you all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates on our lives!!!

It has been a long time since we have had a chance to do anything so i'm afraid there are no pictures to put up but here is our update. I just finished turning in my nursing applications for the fall and I am hoping to be accepted by one of the schools that I applied to. Josh is working on getting his ambulance drivers test complete and then he can begin to apply to places to work as an emt :) Life is very hectic for the both of us. Josh is working 58 hour weeks while being a full time student which is very hard on him. If he passes his classes then he will be graduating this semster with his degree in fire science. I am doing the emt program right now so that I will have a good job that is very flexible while i attend nursing school. Today at stake conference Josh recieved the Melkezedic (or however you spell it) Preisthood and I am so proud of him for that. He said he feels like a new person all over again! We are all so busy. Wedding plans are coming along, slowly but surely, We are planning on next June, we are hoping for June 26. Soon we will be taking our engagement pictures so I will have those to post up here. We love you all and hope all is well!