Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update again!

I tried to put pics up but my computer won't let me :( Anyways Josh and I are doing great! Since our last post was from October I will update you since then. Josh and I sort of got to spend Thanksgiving together, however we were both at work so in a since we spent it together even though i never saw him. But Christmas was great we both had Christmas Eve and Day off so we spent both together. We bought a Wii and some games for a group gift together and have really enjoyed playin that, I think him more than me since it's at his house... anyways it was great.

For New Years we went on a hike in the morning with a few of his friends and then we put on a very small party with another couple who we are good friends with. I made lots of yummy food and we just hung out and played Wii of course. It was a ton of fun.

After New Years, Josh's sister got married in Costa Rica and had her reception at the place we will be having ours. It was alot of fun as well with alot of good food.

The last great adventure on my winter break from school was my 21st bday. Josh took me to Vegas and we had an amazing time. We went to dinner at this incredible place, saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian and then went to the XS which is a club at the Encore. He is so awesome and I love him so much!!!!

Our wedding is getting closer and closer and we are so excited, it's less than 4 months away WOOHOO!!!!

I'm back in school again but once i'm done i'll have 2 weeks till the wedding so thats what is keepin my head up! Over the break josh got a new EMT position with AMR so they have better benefits to us and it is higher paying as well so it was a great transition for him and I am so happy for him.

That's about it for our updates and i'll try and stay more on top of it and get some more pictures up once my computer stops acting up! Love you all

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Cindy said...

Phantom of the Opera!!! So jealous!